Her words felt like burning stabs in his inner being

“I’m sorry. You’re a good and decent man, but you’re … well … crippled. I can’t be seen walking and holding hands with you. I can’t even imagine going to bed with you. Thank you for the money you lent me. But I won’t be able to pay you back. I’m so sorry.”

With that she stood and left the restaurant.

He looked down at his coffee realizing that he was mindlessly stirring it as she spoke. “She was just using me,” he thought. “How could I be so foolish?”

Suddenly he heard tires screeching followed by a loud crash. He stood and walked out. He then saw a few feet away her crumpled body lying on the pavement and nearby a car that slammed into a post. He walked to her as a crowd was quickly gathering. She was alive but seemingly with a broken leg. Their eyes met.

He turned away to look at the car. The driver was getting out dazed. He limped to the driver.

And shook his hand.