I live alone. I’m also an introvert. But this doesn’t mean I’m not sociable. I meet friends now and then, but these are close friends, and I usually meet with 2 or 3 at a time.

There are a few benefits to living alone.

1. I cook my own food or, most of the time, I prepare salads as my meals. This means I’m able to prepare the right amount of food just for my consumption. I’m also able to prepare the food that’s right for my palate. Thus, no wastage.

2. I can do what I want —read a book, surf the Internet, take a nap, take a walk, work on my laptop— anytime I want, without asking anyone’s permission or being a burden to anyone.

3. I can use my money any way I choose. I can save it, spend it, or even give it away without worrying if anyone is going to starve without it.

4. I can live a simple life. I don’t need to live lavishly. I don’t need to impress anyone. I can experience simple joys (like brewed coffee when I want it).

The only disadvantage of life alone is the loneliness. It comes and goes. When it comes, I dwell on it for a while and then dismiss it by taking a nap or keeping myself busy.

You’ll probably ask, “why not get a girlfriend?” It’s not that easy. You see, I’m also a person with a disability (PWD). I contracted polio at a very young age. So I now wear a long-leg brace on my right leg, which gives me a pronounced limp. Although I can say I have a heart of gold, that isn’t readily seen by the opposite sex.

I did get married some years ago, but my wife passed away after 20 years of a happy marriage. She saw my heart of gold.

So, I’m not hunting for a new relationship. If it comes, great! If it doesn’t, it won’t keep me from living.

Life is good whether one is alone or not. It’s really how one lives it.

Life alone is perhaps not my choice. But my choice is living it to the fullest way possible.

The coffee’s brewing…